Education Field Solutions

1 Education E-book package solutions


After the annual accumulation of experience in the field of education,Hanvon has launched a variety of Tablet PCs in different models,different specifications and different platforms.Hanvon has a unique combination of handwriting recognition technology and a variety of educational resources to provide a very convenient and efficient communication platform for teachers and students.

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2 Hanvon OCR titles recognition research solutions Functions



  1.Input image format

  Identifiable color(24BIT),gray(step 256)and black and white binary images,support image files TIFF,BMP,JPG,PDF format.

  It supports two kinds of ways:scanned images and camera images.

  2.Input layout format

  It can automatically analyze the text and formulas and other regions,and identify the text as well as characters and formulas in the text area.

  3.Supported formula types

  "Mathematical formulas,physics formulas,chemical formulas"in primary and secondary school stage

  4.Supported text types

  Simplified Chinese,traditional Chinese,English,special characters.

  5.The title image is in focus

  Character recognition rate can reach 70%or more,the search success rate is above 90%;

  6.Output recognition result

  It can output latex or mathml text files.

  7.Development environment

  Provide DLL dynamic library developed by VC,support C++、VC languages.

  8.Supported platforms


  9.Recognition speed:

  For single title(200 characters or less),the recognition speed is less than 1 second.

  The following picture is photographed title image recognition design sketch.

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