Dictionary Pen


Hanvon Dictionary Pen is a multifunctional scanning pen.

It can translate both words and long sentences by simply scanning them, and read them aloud clearly at the same time. Thus completely sweep away stumbling blocks in foreign language reading and greatly improve efficiency.


The pen has a series of built-in authoritative dictionaries, inclding Oxford Advanced Learner's English Chinese Dictionary (8th Edition), Collins English Dictionary, Grand Dictionary, FastAIT Dictionary, New Era Japanese Chinese Dictionary, Chinese Japanese dictionary, New Curriculum English Dictionary for Middle School, and Xinhua Dictionary.


It also provides online translation of eight languages (Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Korea, Italy, Spain). Scan the whole sentence, and Hanvon Dictionary Pen immediately presents the translation result.


In addition, it also has other functions, such as data extract, high fidelity recording, and handwriting input, etc.