Bionic flapping wing

A. Autonomous obstacle avoidance: 

Equipped with intelligent obstacle avoidance module, the bird be able to identify obstacles, adjust the direction of the tail, than perform obstacle avoidance action.

B. Fixed altitude flight: 

During flight, the bird uses altitude data to adjust the flight altitude real time, and to achieve a fixed height flight.

C. Body-sensitive switcher: 

By analyzing the data collected from the still to the motion collected by the gyroscope, the bird automatically starts the flapping and enters the flight preparation state. For example, if the bird is shaked up and down, the bird will start.On the contrary, if the machine bird falls to the ground, the state will automatically shut down and stop when it moves from motion to rest. 

D. Straight flight: 

By collecting the sensor inside the body, the bird can feel the flying posture of the bird all the time, and control the rudder direction, adjust the state and direction of the flight, and finally achieve a straight flight 

E. Specific flight action performances: 

Hovering flight, fixed-line flight, U-turn flight