Haze Removal Machine

Haze Removal Machine

Hanvon intelligent haze removal machine is a large PM2.5 purifier based on Hanvon’s dielectric grating purification technology. The dust collecting plate in it can automatically clean the particulate matters. Thus this machine not only has the strong purification capacity, but it can also save a lot of replacement investment in the cost of the filter and manual cleaning. At present, Hanvon intelligent haze removal machine has been widely used in large places with dense flow of people or semi enclosed public places. It is also set in integrated building ventilation systems as well.


Product features:

l   Zero manual work: No need to replace, remove and clean any parts. The machine can automatically clean the particulate matters on dust collecting plate and maintain purification capacity. Secondary pollution is prevented.

l   Zero investment: Minimum material input. No need to replace the filter, so a large sum of money can be saved.

l   Zero waiting time: Restart soon. After the process of automatically cleaning, the machine can precede its purification work.

l   2.5 grams: Powerful dust collecting ability. In heavy air pollution (above 150 micrograms / cubic meter), the machine can gather 2.5 grams of PM2.5 and other particulate matter per 24 hours.

l   95% purification rate: Highly efficient. large volume: 3800 cubic meters / hour high CADR value: 1683.36 cubic meters / hour

l   Full-auto: Highly intelligent. Automatically runs according to the surrounding air quality data. Low energy consumption.

l   Data monitoring: LED screen displays surrounding air quality data.

l   Video advertising: 32 inch high-definition video advertising machine set and replace contents according to user needs.

l   Intelligent control: Monitoring and receiving data through WeChat platform.


Cultural and Sport buildings: exhibition halls, museums, art galleries, libraries,