Air Purifier

Household indoor air purifier

Functions and features:

Top CADR value--645, national class A purification efficiency.

99%PM2.5 purification rate, 97.4%formaldehyde removal rate.

Golden ratio, simple and delicate shape.

Composite filter can effectively remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, home decoration pollution, odor and more than 90 kinds of pollutants.

Unique power system, fully consider the principle of air flow. Energy saving. No noise.

It is a perfect household appliance.

Large indoor purifier


Functions and features:

It is designed for the air flow characteristics in large space and semi enclosed space.

Innovative technology. High purification rate.

Effectively decompose and remove PM2.5, bacteria, bacteria, formaldehyde and other harmful air substances.

Large amount of purification. Strong purification capacity. High purification efficiency.  No supplies’ need and low follow-up costs.

Places of application: malls, supermarkets, kindergartens, libraries, theaters, subway stations, offices, large residential, coffee shops, etc.