CES 2016:Hanvon Pentech ERT Technology Upgrades Large All-in-One Touch Screen TV

May 21,2024

Las Vegas--Hanvon Pentech Co., Ltd., a leading pen input expert for mobility, today showcased its latest Electromagnetic Resonance Touch (ERT) solution for large All-in-One Touch Screen TVs at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, bringing users a perfect pen-on-paper writing and drawing experience in modern classrooms and conference rooms.
As Apple's large-screened iPad Pro hit the shelves last year in more than 40 countries, it defines the next must-have with its Apple Pencil -- a pressure-sensitive pen. Also, Microsoft, who has found success with its Surface Pro series including digital pens, is a strong supporter of pen input technology.

Not only the artists and graphic designers need a digital pen. With the rapid development of the classrooms and business conferencing market, a perfect writing and drawing experience is critical for more efficient communication among participants.

Traditional All-in-One Touch Screen TVs are mostly based on the infrared touch technology, which delivers less satisfactory writing and drawing performance limited by its low pressure level and resolution. Users always find it difficult to accurately control the images they draw on the screen.

Hanvon Pentech has upgraded the All-in-One Touch Screen TVs with its ERT technology to achieve a 2048 pressure level and a 5080LPI resolution. “Hanvon Pentech is committed to enhancing communication efficiency through pen input technology,” said James Zhang, General Manager of Hanvon Pentech. “We believe the ERT technology will replace the infrared touch technology, transforming the large All-in-One Touch Screen TVs market and benefiting the classrooms and business conferencing.”

With an outstanding reputation for product quality, reliability and technical innovation, Hanvon Pentech excels at providing customized solutions to meet clients’ various needs. Hanvon Pentech’s ERT and Active Capacitive products support 2-100’’ touch screens, widely applied in telecommunication, banking, education, healthcare, government OA, etc. ERT modules are used in intelligent devices including smartphones, tablets, handwriting LCD monitors, graphic tablets, e-book readers, POS signature pads, intelligent white boards, etc.