Three core technologies of Hanvon have been unveiled in CEBIT, and highly sough

May 21,2024

Recently, the news came from the just-concluded top international event-the CeBIT of 2016 in Germany, that Hanvon Technology, the smart car integrated technology supplier from China, became the focus of the exhibition, whose three core technologies with independent intellectual property rights of handwriting input method, face recognition, air detection and purification that made their first appearance in the exhibition were highly recognized and sought after by German automobile enterprises for their application in the automotive field, and were agreed that: the three core technologies of Hanvon Technology must lead the future development direction of cars.


As the leading intelligent recognition enterprise in China, Hanvon Technology has reached the international advanced level in handwriting recognition and OCR technology, whose market share in China goes up to about 70%. Hanvon handwriting and keyboard input method firstly unveiled in the exhibition will bring new solutions to automobile navigation input and will make drivers more comfortable and safer realize the information interaction between the driver and auto navigation. Previously, this fully mature technology had established cooperation with Audi, TOYOTA, Cadillac and other global first-class automobile brands.


Hanvon Technology is also a face recognition technology company with independent intellectual property rights and has a profound accumulation in the face recognition technology. Today, Hanvon again applies the face recognition technology into smart cars and realizes the new functions of identity authentication, environment adaptation and fatigue reminder, and increases the sense of automobile technology. This international leading technology has captured more and more attention from automobile manufacturers.


Based on the core technology and through years of efforts, Hanvon Technology has achieved significant research results in air quality monitoring, large-scale indoor purification, home purification, outdoor purification and other technology areas. In this exhibition, Hanvon designs a special module for cars using the air detection and purification technology. As long as the module is installed in the car, people in the car could obtain the air quality information inside and outside the car at any time, and then module then could automatically clean the air inside the car through the intelligent judgment, which greatly improves the driving comfort. It is said that the high-quality air environment inside the car will be the rigid demand for cars in the future.


In this exhibition, Hanvon with great foresight got widespread attention and recognition from German automobile enterprises and was highly received and praised for its three international leading technologies that injected new strength for the development of smart cars.