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The WISEreader is a revolutionary, portable ereading device with a wide array of functions and features. The device’s E Ink screen technology mimics the rich contrast of real paper, making for a comfortable and natural reading experience. The portable design makes it easy to carry your entire library of ebooks and documents nearly anywhere.

Select a WISEreader model to begin exploring all of the exciting features and enjoy a smarter way to read!

What’s Special?

Hanvon Electromagnetic Handwriting Technology & Panel

The WISEreader ereaders with built-in electromagnetic handwriting panel enables readers ...Learn more

Electronic Paper Display Technology-From E Ink Corporation

Electronic ink is made up of millions of tiny microcapsules, about the diameter of a human hair. ...Learn more

Intelligent Power Management

The processors installed in our WISEreader e-books utilize SpeedStep™ to dynamically allow the CPU to ...Learn more

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