Q1. What should I do when tablet seems not working properly?

    Firstly, you should confirm the problem caused by tablet hardware or tablet-related software (including tablet driver software, tablet bundled software and graphics applications).
    For Hardware problems, you should contact Hanvon retailers/distributors/subsidiaries in your country /region to fix problems. And if no hardware needs to be replaced or repaired, you can contact with tech@hanvon.com for technical support.

    Q2. Can I connect both the graphics tablet and a normal mouse at the same time?

    Yes, both devices can be plugged simultaneously, but only one device could control the cursor in one time.

    Q3. When should I try a new driver? And what should I do when install the driver?

    The latest driver may help you solve following problems:
    1. Tablet acts abnormally, for not being recognized by computer or not react to pen.
    2. Tablet doesn’t work with dual-monitor computer well.
    3. Graphics application is no longer compatible with pen, in another words, you can’t use pressure sensitivity feature of pen in graphics application.
    4. Tablet stops working because of computer operating system updating.

    Users must uninstall all previous tablet drivers before install new one:
    1. Uninstall all previous drivers of other tablet models including Hanvon brand and other company brands, and then restart the computer.
    2. Quit all antivirus programs and Install new driver. Then restart your computer again.

    Q4. How to determine whether tablet driver is installed properly?

    1. While tablet keeps connected to computer, you can open tablet configuration interface.
    2. When you move pen across tablet surface, the cursor travels around the computer screen.

    Q5. Can I install different tablet drivers in the same computer OS?

    No. Different tablet drivers influence each other, which causes driver runs abnormally.
    So you should uninstall all previous tablet drivers (including Hanvon brand and other company brands) before installing new driver.

    Q6. Can I plug tablet to computer when installing tablet driver?

    No. Tablet driver needs to be installed without tablet connected. Make sure restarting your computer after driver installation, and then plug tablet in.

    Q7. How to open Hanvon tablet configuration interface?

    For window 2000/XP/Vista/7:
    - Method 1: Start->Control Panel-> HW Tablet (or Tablet Driver).
    - Method 2: Open Hanvon shell ( it appears on Desktop when user installs Hanvon Soft), then click Tablet Setting icon in Hanvon shell main interface

    For Mac OS:
    - Applications->HWTblt

    Q8. I can’t open tablet configuration interface, why?

    Some cases may cause the problem:
  • 1. Tablet is unconnected.
    2. Tablet driver is not installed correctly and completely.
    3. Antivirus program stops this application.
    4. A few models from early generation does not support this configuration.
  • Q9. How to download latest driver? Which driver should I choose?

    You could download latest driver from website:http://www.hanvon.com/en/products/tablets/Support-driver.html
    You should choose correct driver according to computer OS and tablet model.
    All driver names are showed in following items:

    For AMIII
    - Art Master III Driver For Windows.
    - Art Master III Driver For MAC.

    For Art Master,GraphicPal,Rollick,Painting Master and Wireless 0604
    - Graphic Tablet Driver for Windows
    - Graphics Tablet Driver for MAC

    For WL0604M
    - WL0604M For Windows

    For SenTIP1201WD
    - SenTIP 1201WD Driver For Windows
    - SenTIP 1201WD Driver For MAC

    For SenTIP1201W
    - SenTIP 1201W Driver For Windows
    - SenTIP 1201W Driver For MAC

    Q10. When should I change pen nib? and how to change it ?

    You may consider to change pen nib, if following occurs:
  • 1. Pen leaks. Pen-leak means pen nib doesn’t touch tablet pad yet, but drawing trace leaves on canvas in screen.
    2. Pen nib wears out. Nib abrasion makes pen user uncomfortable while drawing on tablet.If you need to change pen nib, please using tweezers, grasp the nib and draw it out. Once removed, a new nib may be inserted into the pen.

  • Q11. How to purchase or repair tablet products and accessories?

    You can contact with Hanvon retailers/distributors worldwide for purchasing or repairing graphic tablet related products including tablet, pen, nibs, power cord etc. Hanvon distributors’ information is included in http://www.hanvon.com/en/products/tablets/business.html.

    Q12. How to install tablet driver of latest version in Mac OS (10.5 or later)?

    1. Uninstall all the tablet drivers. Go---Applications---HWTablet----Uninstall.
    2. File---Open---System---Library---Extensions, delete the file HY*.Kext (if you can’t find the file, jump to Step 3).
    3. Reboot your Mac.
    4. install latest version driver.
    5. Reboot your Mac again.

    Q13. What should I do when the pen couldn’t move the cursor on screen, especially after new driver installation?

    IDoodle is a graphic application designed for children. In Window OS, Users could apply IDoodle with Art Master, GraphicPal, Rollick, Painting Master and WL0604. If user finds IDoodle interface language displayed in Chinese, please follow the steps to change language from Chinese into English:
  • 1. Select Run command check box in the list of Start menu options (or Pressing windows logo key + R) .
    2. fill the blank with "msconfig" .
    3. choose Service tab .
    4. click the item" Tablet PC input service" or "HWSuper Power Tablet"( Please notice that this item only appears when your tablet is connected) .